Dr. Satish Mathew, MBBS, MS (General Surgery), MCh (CTVS), FIACS

Over 30 Years of Experience

Dr. Satish Mathew, an army officer’s son, disciplined and dedicated in his approach… 

  •  He is a front ranking, renowned Cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon in India and Delhi NCR.
  •  Has performed over 22,000 surgeries with excellent results. 
  •  Has the expertise and experience to handle the most complex and challenging cases. 
  • Specialises in High risk Cardiac & Vascular surgeries
  • An art aficionado, which can be seen in every cut and stitch of his surgery, creating masterpieces.  Known for his caring and insightful nature, he passionately believes that each patient is precious and is entitled to the best standards of healthcare and the best treatment.
  • He completed his MS in General Surgery from CMC Ludhiana in 1994. 
  • As a young post graduate his first appointment was at a rural hospital in KACHWA, MIRZAPUR district, UP.
  • Here he took up the Management of the hospital, as the Medical Superintendent, as well as the post of consultant General Surgeon. He himself performed hundreds of surgeries of different kinds, in those backward areas as he believed the need was there and all of this has added to his immense experience.
  • He then went on to complete his MCH in Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery from G B Pant Hosptial, New Delhi in 1999. 
  • Worked at Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre for over 5 years. 
  • Currently operating in Noida at Kailash Heart Institute, sector 27 as the Chief of Cardio Vascular and      Thoracic Surgery. 
  • Awarded as a Fellow of the Indian Association of Cardiothoracic And Vascular Surgery in 2003. 


  • ISTS&T: Indian Society of Thoracic Surgeons & Trust
  • AACTVS: Asian Association of CTVS
  • ISMICS: Indian Society of Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery
  • SMICS: Society of Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery 

  FIRST of a kind surgeries in Noida by Dr. Mathew 

  •  CABG in morbidly obese patients (>150 kg) 
  •  Foreign patients to undergo heart surgery (from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Italy ) 
  •  Proximal Aortic replacement 
  •  Bentall operation
  •  VATS removal of bullet from chest.

He personally examines, advices tests, reviews, to finally give the correct advice.  


  • He is passionate about teaching young budding cardiac surgeons.
  • He was a lecturer at Punjab University (1995-1997).
  • He taught undergraduates and postgraduates students at CMC hospital, Ludhiana.

community services

  • Worked at Kachua hospital, Mirzapur, U.P. for a year in 1995, where he performed over 300 surgeries for the economically weaker section.
  • Conducts HEART CHECK UP camp for valvular heart disease patients on 15th of every month at the HLV Clinic.
  • Strongly believes in the ideology to serve the poor in rural and remote areas.
  • Has delivered numerous lectures to various social organizations on different aspects of Heart and Vascular disease, emphasising prevention and treatment.
  • Regularly organizes free medical camps in different parts of the country.
  • He personally examines, advises tests, reviews patients and reports so that correct advice is given. 

scientific papers

  • Combined CABG with AVR-the EHRIC experience. (July 2000-Dec 2004) Authors: R K Bapna, S G Mathew, Z S Meharwal, A Dhar, N Trehan. Presented at: The  51st  CTCON 2005, Kochi, India, 18 Feb 2005.
  • AVR in patients with impaired LV function. Authors: M K Goel, R K Bapna, Z S Meharwal, V Kohli, R Malhotra, S G Mathew, M Mishra, N Tehran. Presented at: The 51st CTCON 2005, Kochi, Kerala, 18 Feb 2005.
  • Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Replacement. Authors: S G Mathew, R K Bapna, Z S Meharwal, V Kohli, R Malhotra, A Dhar, M Mishra, N Tehran. Moderated poster presented at 2nd annual winter workshop of the ISMICS, Bangkok, Thailand, 4th Dec 2004. 
  • Redo Mitral Valve Surgery using the port-access system. Authors: N Tehran, Mishra Y K, Mathew S, K K Sharma, Srivastava S. Published in Asian Cardiovascular Annals, Vol 10, No 3, Sep 2000, 215-218.
  • Blueprint for a quadrileaflet aortic valve prosthesis. Authors: Banerjee A, Mathew S. Published in: Indian Heart Journal, Vol 52, No 5, Sep-Oct 2000, 615-617.
  • Traumatic aortopulmonary fistula- a case report. Authors: Parihar B, Banerjee A, Mathew S: G B Pant Hospital, New Delhi. Published in: Indian Heart Journal, Vol 52, No 1, Jan-Feb 2000, 71-72.
  • The  19mm aortic prosthesis: does size really matter? Authors: Banerjee A, Akhter S, Mathew S, Gupta V, Tempe D, Panwar S, Sharma U: G B Pant Hospital, New Delhi. Published in:  Cor Europaeum, Vol 8, No 3/2000, 107-110.
  • Rheumatic reactivation induced carditis as an intraoperative finding during valve surgery. Authors: Banerjee A, Mathew S, Panwar S, Gupta V, Shinde M: G B Pant Hospital, New Delhi. Poster presented at The 1st virtual congress of cardiology: March 2000, Vienna, Austria.
  • Dissecting aneurysms of the ascending aorta-strategies for diagnosis & surgical treatment. Authors: Varghese M, Danish S, Mathew S, C.M.C- Ludhiana. Presented at: The 43rd annual conference of the Indian Association of cardiovascular surgeons: Feb 97, Ooty.
  • Hematological changes during and after cardiopulmonary bypass and their correlation to non-surgical blood loss. Authors: Mathew S G, Das S, Mathew S, Varghese M: C.M.C- Ludhiana. Presented at: The 37th annual conference of the Indian Society of Hematology & Blood Transfusion. 15 Nov 96, Chandigarh.


Besides his passion for medicine, Dr Mathew is an art & history aficionado.

He takes keen interest in painting, gardening as well as photography.

Imagination, innovation and creativity are a part of his hobbies, which can be also seen through his fine motor surgical skills.

He enjoys sports such as football, badminton and horse riding, as a result of his army background.

He believes that for a healthy life, exercise and health go hand in hand.

Dr. Priyanka Mathew

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